North Island Fly & Light Tackle

Fly Fishing and Light Tackle Guide Service
Long Island, NY

Target Species

Striped Bass

Light Tackle Topwater Stripers

Striped Bass are our number 1 gamefish that we target. From endless action with schoolies (10-27”) to the trophy fish of 30 lbs or more I will put my experience and knowledge in your corner and help put fish on the end of your line. 

Fishing generally starts in late April with the prime months being mid-May to the end of June. This is a great time to land your first striper on the fly as the fish are just entering our area and willing to eat.

 Summer months can see great action in the early am hours and the magic hours just before dark. Cash in on this excellent fishing even if it’s for an hour or two! 

 The season then picks up again at the end of the summer with the fall run, into the end of November.

 All season long we use artificial baits and flies on light tackle gear for the most fun!


Chopper Bluefish on the Fly!

Bluefish are an underated gamefish, one of the best fighting fish in our waters and they readily hit flies and artificials. Nothing can put your gear to the test like an angry bluefish.

 Bluefish start entering our waters in mid-May with the first fish being skinny and hungry! These fish are known as “racers” due to their slim profile. Give these fish a few months and they will be the 15 lb and up fish that we will target in the late-summer and fall months.

 The end of June will start to see the “cocktail” blues ranging from 1-10 lbs. This will last all summer long and by the end of August the true “chopper” blues will be around. These fish are gorging themselves on oil heavy baitfish for their trip out into the ocean. This fishing can be intense and will last into November.

False Albacore / Bonito


False Albacore, Albies, Fat Albert, the fish we wait for all season! This is the ultimate light tackle and fly rod fish we encounter on Long Island. Blistering runs, keen eyesight, massive explosions and at times picky eaters, these fish keep us coming back for more!

 False Albacore make their way into the local waters sometimes as early as mid-August with the season peaking in October and well into November. These fish will test your patience and your angling skill, making them a prized catch among fly and light tackle anglers. Some days can be all out blitzes with others more of a challenge. Once you boat one of these amazing little tunas you will be begging for more. 

 The North Shore of Long Island has seen excellent numbers of these fish in recent years and it only seems to be getting better. 2017 saw days with catches upwards of 2 dozen fish. Days are limited and weather can be tricky in the fall so book ASAP.

 Bonito unfortunately have become more of a bycatch among the False Albacore. Hopefully their numbers will increase in the future.